Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christmas in June?!??

Yep. That's right! I have some NEW & USED Christmas/Holiday Stamps for sale at great prices! Please email me (cdtrigger@q.com) if you are interested!
C1285 Victorian Snowflake $13 (NEW)
C1420 Snow Days $13 (NEW)
D1318 Uniquely You $15 (NEW)
D1446 Adorn-able $15 (NEW)
D1449 Father Christmas $15 (NEW)
C1427 I Believe $13 (NEW)
C1423 Captured Christmas $13 (NEW)
C1424 Nature's Gift $13 (NEW)
D1440 Everlasting Life $15 (NEW)
B1363 Harmony $9 (NEW)
A1039 Tis the Season$5 (New)
D1376 Holiday Warmth $14 (used)
D1224 Holiday Joy $14 (used)
D1366 Holiday Trinkets $14 (used)
C1428 Ice Crystals $12 (used)
C1376 Stocking Style $12 (used)
A1110 A Timber $4 (used)
D1317 Feathery Flakes $14 (used)
Thanks for looking!

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