Friday, February 12, 2010

Will you be my Valentine, Teacher?

I made this cute little 3-D box for my boys School Teachers.

I used CTMH Top Stitch Papers.

Top biew of the box. It is held together with a metal ring/clasp (not sure what they are really called). The ring is then embellished with ribbon!

The mini basket is filled with pink and silver Hershey kisses.

3-D Basket

1. Using a 12” x 12” sheet of paper (cardstock) cut into 4 equal parts (4- 6” x 6” pieces)
2. Using 2 pieces of b & t paper (patterned paper) and cut paper into 12- 1 ¾” strips. Take those strips and cut into 1 ¾” squares. You should end up with 72 squares (you will have scraps).
3. Diagonally cut 32 squares in step #2 in half diagonally. (if using 2 different patterns cut 16 of each pattern in half)
4. Score the 6” x 6” pieces. EEKS! I can't get the image to copy! Email if you need a visual!
Score @ 2 & 4 inches. Turn paper. Score at 2 & 4. You should have 9 equal squares. Score a diagnol line in each of the top & bottom left and right corners.
5. Attach the b& t papers onto both sides of basket.
6. Fold along the scored lines to shape the basket, folding corners inward.
7. Pinch pointed folded together and punch a hole about ½” from the point. Repeat for each corner.
8. Slide metal ring through the holes. Add ribbon and embellishments as desired. If you don’t have a metal ring, you can slide ribbon through the holes and tie shut.

Good luck!

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