Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Memories....

"Good Memories
 are like a four leaf clover:
 lucky to have."
-Author Unknown
Recently, I have been thinking  A LOT about the memories that were made when I was a child. AND I also have been thinking about the Memories I am making with my family.
Will they remember things we do? places we go? things that make us laugh?
In my scrapbooking, I scrapbook lots of "events". Basketball games, choir concerts, scout events, the 1st snowman, etc.....
I think I need to ADD to my layouts.
Maybe share some non photograghed memories.
the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY!
some ideas:
My daughter and her friend are creating a 100 question challenge for one another. I thought it would be fun to create a list of questions for my kids to add to their books.
questions like...What is your favorite food? chocolate or vanilla? favorite book? favorite place? favorite store? what is your favorite subject in school? what was the last thing you did to help someone else? etc...

Recently, one of my children was really struggling with a teacher/subject in school. This child felt like they were being picked on by the teacher.  As we discussed different options on how to handle the situation, this child replied, "Mom, I think I should sleep on it."
TOTALLY took me by surprise. Ü
This child slept on it...and came up with a GREAT solution which was shared at breakfast the next morning.
one last idea for today, would be to take a photo of your child when they are sad, mad, or just plain grumpy. Make a list of things that upset them. Journal what they do to calm down, etc.  (I know...this is UGLY!- but sometimes it just has to be done!) and besides...when was the last time you took out your camera and your child didn't smile?
(your grandchildren will thank you someday!)

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