Sunday, August 2, 2015



It is time for me to part with several of my Stamp sets. (sets have been used) :(
All will be sold on a first come first serve basis.
Sets are all $5 each!
(if you are local, I will deliver!)
(If you want them mailed to you, Postage will be $2 per set)

If you want to view the sets in person, we can set up a time!
If you are long distance and would like me to take a photo of certain sets, I am more than Happy to do that as well!)

Thank you!!!!

D1548 Whooo’s Your Valentine
D1340 Easter Eggs
A1110 Timber
W326 Friendship’s Garden
S1308 A Chocolate Affair
C1353 Gear Up!
D1129 Slide Frames
C1329 Homeward Bound
A1042 Live Life Well
S1109 Limited Edition
D1406 True Friends
S1304 My Sunshine
B1033 Blossom Blocks
B1262 Celebration Labels
S1401 Cross- Stitch Wishes
S1203 Potential
D1239 Kindred Spirits
D1317 Feathery Friends
D1378 Notice the Details
D1359 Comments
D1427 Tasty Treats
B1080 Lovely Leaves Borders
A1067 Wedding Blocks
D1267 Rustic Numbers
B1065 Autumn Blessings
S1301 Happy Valentine’s
S1307 Sweet Life
D1377 Around the Block
D1086 Birthday Bash
D1050 Watermelon Picnic
D1253 Friendship’s Flight
B1376 Wings Workshop
C1166 You and Me
D1322 Adorning Corners
D1369 Delightful Things
B1311 Summer Sweetness
C1394 Candlelight
B1244 Solo “T”
D1366 Holiday Trinkets
C1072 Country Floral
D1140 Miracle
C1376 Stocking Style
D1436 The Present
D1139 Small Pleasures
S1204 You Are…
C1474 10 Things
C1298 Party Invitations
D1056 Celebrate America
D1026 Beauty Seen
D1458 American Celebration
B1361 Tannenbaum
S1403 Happy Place
S1402 Wild About Love
C1229 Accents, etc.
C1466 Instant Memories
S1312 Special Care
A1111 A Tulip
B1398  Just for You
A1131 Seal- Love
S1305 Pinwheel
C12290 Memory Labels
C1248 Winter Reflection
D1212 Playful Flourishes
B1200 Blissful Flight
S1303 Floral Happiness
S1112 Mad About You
B1354 Boom!
D1080 Large Tags
D1546 Frame Flair
D1114 Create-a-file
S1306 A Flowering Bunch
D1421 Cherish the Moment
C1471 Happy Clusters
D1422 Wonderful Friend
CV1327 Snowflake Kisses
S1110 Holiday Magic
S1406 Kaboom
D1304 Life’s Creation
D1424 Something Splendid
C1322 Gratitude
D1402 Togetherness
C1191 Calendar
C1334 The Season Defined
D1457 Julibation
D1112 Seasonal Celebration
S1207 Live out Loud
D1271 April Word Puzzle
S1309 Poster Tidings
C1419 Harvest Home
D1442 Thriller
D1342 World’s Best Dad
C1236 Hook, Line and Sinker
C1313 Celebration Bouquet
W325 Words to Live By
D1284 With Love
C1511 Love Blooms 


Dawn said...

I know this is a really old post but I am looking for the C1394 set candle set. Do you happen to still have this for sale?

Camy said...

Actually, I do still have it!

Where would I be mailing this too?'

Feel free to email me at

Thank you!